car dome interior light delay switch module with dimming effect 1 to 30 sec

Car dome light Time relay with accuracy from 1 to 30 seconds with BOX
Manufacturer: Deselectra
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In new cars when the door is closed, interior (dome) light switched off after 1- 25 seconds, but this is feature is not in old cars. This module is designed to do this function.
When Door is open - the light will switch on. When the door is closed - the light will start dimming for set delay time( 1-30 sec) and then will switch off.

Can be used with incandescent lights only up to 3A (36watts)

Only for cars, with negative door switching signal !! See the wiring diagram.

If your cars is with positive switching, please contacts us, for suitable timer.

Dimensions( with box):

- length - 40 mm
- width -  28 mm
- height - 21 mm

Maximum allowable load control 12V/3A; Can be extended with heat sink to 6A
Wiring( see the wiring diagram):

- Black wire to ground

- White wire in parallel wiring to car door switches.

Power supply - 12V DC

Dimming Time is adjusted by trimmer

Package contents:
1. Dimming module
2. Instruction for use and wiring diagram.