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cyclic timer switch relay kit 12v adjustable ON/OFF repeater 11/7sec 165/75 sec 700/ 300s sec

Cyclic Time relay with adjustable on and off times: - ON - from 0 to 11/ 165/ 700 sec - OFF - from 0 to 7 / 75 / 300 sec
$13.00 $11.50

Adjustable LED 5-Step sequential retrofit flash module car turn signal light kit

Upgrade your vehicle's safety and style with our Turn Signal Module, designed to provide clear and distinct indications of your left and right turns. Perfect for cars, motorcycles, or motorbikes, this compact and efficient circuit ensures that your turns are unmistakably visible to others on the road.
$9.80 $9.90

Adjustable passenger seat fused airbag sensor emulator belt simulator bypass SRS

🛠️ Upgrade your diagnostic toolkit with our Adjustable Airbag Simulator Tester! 🚗

automatic light switch controller 12V 10A DC night on day off light kit BOX

Automatic light switch for aromatically turn on the light, after nightfall.
$13.00 $11.00

cyclic timer switch relay 12v adjustable on/off repeater ON 1 - 900s OFF 1 - 960s

Cyclic Time relay with adjustable on and off times: - ON - from 1 to 900 sec - OFF - from 1 to 960 sec
$13.00 $11.50

DC adjustable voltage regulator converter in: 40v to 3v out : 36V TO 1.2V 1.5A

A very good designed circuit of a stable adjustable DC regulator using IC LM317T. LM317T is a very famous IC and supporting input voltage is from 3 volt to 40 volt DC and delivers a stable output between 1.25 volt to 36 volt DC.
$9.00 $7.50