cyclic timer switch relay kit 12v adjustable ON/OFF repeater 11/7sec 165/75 sec 700/ 300s sec

Cyclic Time relay with adjustable on and off times: - ON - from 0 to 11/ 165/ 700 sec - OFF - from 0 to 7 / 75 / 300 sec
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🔄 Elevate Your Timing Control with Our Cyclic Time Relay! 🚀

Prepare to revolutionize your timing operations with our advanced cyclic time relay, meticulously engineered to offer precise control over on and off cycles. Here's why it's a game-changer for your projects:

⏱️ Adjustable Timing: Enjoy unparalleled flexibility with adjustable on and off times, ranging from 0 to 11 / 165 / 700 seconds for ON cycles and 0 to 7 / 75 / 300 seconds for OFF cycles. Customize the timings to suit your specific needs effortlessly!

🔌 Versatile Power Supply: Powered by a reliable 12V DC input, our relay is compatible with a wide range of power sources, ensuring seamless integration into your existing setups.

🔧 High-Performance Relay: Equipped with a robust relay rated at 15A/125V AC, 15A/24V DC, and 3A/250V AC, our module guarantees reliable performance even under demanding conditions.

🔗 Dual Contacts: The relay output features two essential contacts: a normally open contact and a normally closed contact, providing enhanced versatility for various applications.

Precise Adjustment: Fine-tune your timing settings with ease using the two trimmers, allowing for precise control over your relay's operation.

📏 Compact Design: With compact dimensions measuring just 50mm x 29mm x 18mm, our relay offers powerful functionality without taking up excessive space in your setup.

⚙️ Efficient Operation: Experience seamless operation with our relay's principle of work. When power is applied, the relay closes and maintains its position until the end of the set ON time. Once the ON time elapses, the relay deactivates for the specified OFF time before the cycle repeats.

🔧 Easy Installation: Designed for hassle-free setup, our relay comes ready to use with comprehensive instructions and a detailed wiring diagram, ensuring a smooth installation process.

🛠️ Durable Construction: Crafted with quality materials, our relay boasts durability and reliability, making it suitable for a wide range of applications.

Upgrade your timing control capabilities today with our Cyclic Time Relay and unlock a world of precision and efficiency for your projects! 🛠️

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