Delay ON delay OFF

A combined Delay ON Delay OFF timer activates a load after a preset delay and keeps it active for a specified period after power is removed. Ideal for industrial automation, lighting control, and HVAC systems, it offers adjustable timing for precise and reliable process management.

2 in 1 delay ON and delay OFF car front lights switch timer relay kit 20A 12V

Car front lights Timer relay with accuracy: DELAY OFF TIME from 1 to 160 sec DELAY ON TIME from 1 to 50 sec
$16.00 $14.00

Delay ON and OFF timer switch time relay on 0 to 50 s OFF 0 to 45s 10A 12V kit

Upgrade your control system with precision timing capabilities using this versatile adjustable time relay. Perfect for various applications requiring precise timing intervals, this relay offers separate adjustment for both "Time off" and "Time on," allowing you to customize operation according to your specific requirements.
$14.00 $12.00