Airbag simulators

Airbag simulators are electronic devices designed to mimic the functionality of airbag control modules in vehicles during diagnostic testing or repairs. These simulators provide a safe and controlled way to test airbag systems without the risk of accidental deployment.

5 pcs car SRS airbag emulator repair bypass resistors 1.8 /2.2 /2.7/ 3.3/ 3.9 ohm for diagnostics

Get Your Airbag System Diagnosis Right with Our Airbag Simulator Set!

10 Seat Sensor Emulator Passenger Belt Simulator 1.8/2.2/2.7/3.3/3.9 R Ohm

With ten simulators included, each ranging from 1.8 to 3.9 ohms, you'll have everything you need to tackle diagnostic tasks with ease.

50 pcs most useful car SRS Airbag Emulator resistors 10x 1.8/2.2/2.7/3.3/3.9 ohm

Upgrade your diagnostic toolkit with our comprehensive set of 50 SRS Airbag Emulator resistors, designed to streamline troubleshooting and repairs for airbag systems in vehicles. Each resistor is carefully selected for accuracy and reliability, ensuring seamless integration into your diagnostic procedures.

Adjustable passenger seat fused airbag sensor emulator belt simulator bypass SRS

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