electronic thermostat regulator for incubator hatching eggs 220V 3A

This electronic thermostat is highly precise and features an electronic switching element.
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Item Description:

This electronic thermostat is highly precise and features an electronic switching element.

  1. Voltage: 220-240V AC
  2. Temperature Range: +20°C to +80°C
  3. Control Accuracy: ±0.2°C
  4. Output (Heater): Up to 500W, 220V (Can be increased with attached heat sink)
  5. Heater Voltage: 220-240V AC
  6. Plate Dimensions: 9 x 2.6 x 2.7 cm
  7. Probe Wire Length: 100 cm (Extendable up to 1.5M)

The device includes one red LED diode to indicate a working heater.

Wiring Instructions:

Connect wires for power supply, heater, and fan to the labeled terminals as shown in the picture.

Adjust the temperature using a small insulated screwdriver.

Note that the thermostat is not galvanically insulated from the mains power. It's strongly recommended not to touch it with your hands when it is powered on.

Initial Wiring:

First, connect the two terminals labeled 'heater' to the heating system of your incubator (can be electrical bulbs for better results). Connect the other terminals labeled 'power supply' to the plug (e.g., 240V). Be careful not to reverse the connections, as this will cause the thermostat to not work. Ensure that the heater and power supply have the same voltage. Proper insulation is crucial to prevent short circuits and damage to the thermostat.

Probe Placement:

Place the probe over the egg grill.

Fan Connection:

Connect the fan to an appropriate power supply; it needs to operate continuously.


Before beginning, ensure good insulation to prevent short circuits and electric shock. Turn the knob to the extreme right position - clockwise. Place a thermometer inside near the probe to monitor the temperature.

The initial setup must be done without eggs.

Plug the thermostat into the main power source and rotate the blue trimmer counterclockwise until the green diode lights up and the heaters turn on. Note that the trimmer is endless and has 26 turns. When you reach the end, you will hear a 'click' noise. When you reach the required temperature for the eggs, turn the trimmer clockwise precisely until the green diode and heaters turn off. If this is the first setup of the incubator, repeat this process until you evenly heat the entire volume. Test everything for 1-2 days to ensure it works properly before placing the eggs for hatching.

Recommended Temperatures for Different Types of Eggs:

  • Hen: 21 days, 37.7-37.8°C
  • Ducks: 28 days, 36.6-36.7°C
  • Geese: 31 days, 36.6-36.7°C
  • Turkeys: 28 days, 37.7-37.8°C

Package Included:

  • Electronic Thermostat for Incubator
  • Mounting and Operating Instructions
  • Wire Diagram
  • Device Diagram"