Car DRL led delay turn off timer switch 3 to 300s 12V 1A box positive activating

Time relay with accuracy from 3 to 300 / 750 seconds.
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Item Description:

Time relay with accuracy from 3 to 300 / 750 seconds.

Dimensions (plate) - 35mm/18mm/12mm

Dimensions (with box) - 40mm/17mm/21mm

Direct output: 12V/1А

Wired with 10 cm wires:

  • Red - positive 12V+
  • Black - Negative 12V-
  • White - Out 12V+
  • Blue - Out 12V-
  • Orange - activating 12V+ input

Power: + , - Have protection against reverse supply voltage.

Power supply - 12V DC

Time is adjusted by trimmer.

The timer doesn’t have power consumption when it is in standby mode

Principle of work:

When power is on, the timer waits for filing a 12V+ pulse at the activating input. When it is received - the timer is activated and keeps that position until the end of the set time. By filing a new pulse - the cycle repeats.

The timer can be used for the delay-off of car LED lights:

  • The orange wire is wired to the contact switch.
  • Feeding must be permanent +(red) and -(black) comes from the car battery, through a 1A fuse.
  • White wire positive - to LED light
  • Blue wire -negative - to LED light

When the contact switch is on, it will provide 12V+ to the timer, and the lights will come on. When the contact switch is turned off, the timer will start the countdown, and lights will stay on for the set time (up to 750s). Then they will go off.

Please note – if the power consumption of the lights is more than 1A, a separate powerful relay must be placed at the place of the bulb in the schematic to avoid damage to the timer.

Package contents:

  1. Time Relay

  2. Instruction for use and wiring diagram

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