adjustable LED 5-Step sequential retrofit flash module car turn signal light kit

12V 5 изхода за LED, всеки с мощност от 5 x 12w и 1A. Всеки LED ще се включи след предишния и когато всички LED се включат, те ще се изключат и ще започнат отново. За да видите как работи, посетете:
Производител: Deselectra
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Item Description

This circuit can be used to indicate left and right turn on a car, motorcycle, motor-bike. Two identical circuits will be needed, one for left and one for right.

Each led will come on after previous and when all led come on - they will turn off and start from beginning.  

 Dimensions without box:

- length -  32 mm

- width - 23 mm

- height - 15 mm

Power:  + ,  -  Have protection against reverse supply voltage.  (Black 12V+ and Red 12V- wires)

Direct  5 x 12V Outputs 1A - can carry powerful diode up to 12w each ( 5 x 12w)  (5 x white  wire for each LED nehative) and one orange wire for all positive

If you use  led  1.8V diodes   must be soldered 330 ohms resistor, regarding  wiring diagram


The module is for one side of the car, for two sides (left and right turn signal) need to be used 2 modules.


Power supply - 12V DC

With trimmer is adjusted the time when all diodes are on.

The module starts with power on. For the led light can be used led strip, or separate diodes – for example 5 x 2 led.

Can be used water resistant 5x LED 12w for each side of the car.

The kit is assembled, tested and ready for use. 


Package contents:

1. Turn signal module

2. Instruction for use and wiring diagram.


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