SMD car timer switch relay 1-150 sec delay stop off 12V 20A direct 12V out auto

Time relay with accuracy from 1 to 150 seconds.
Manufacturer: Deselectra
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Item Description:

Timer with adjustable delay time from 1 to 150 sec.


  • Length: 23 mm
  • Width: 16 mm
  • Height: 18 mm

Power supply: 10 to 14 V DC:

  • Red wire – 12V+
  • Black wire – 12V-

Output: Direct 12V 20A

  • White wire – 12V+
  • Blue wire – 12V-

Time is adjusted by trimmer, with a small screwdriver - rotate counterclockwise to increase time.

For safety, a fuse 20A can be placed at the red wire.

Please note:

  • The timer will not work if the power supply is below 10V.
  • If you set minimal time, the relay will click when you power on the timer.
  • At the output, there is voltage, and you can wire the load directly.
  • If you use a load more than 20A, a separate powerful relay must be used after the timer.

Principle of work:

When power is on, the delay time starts, and the output (white and blue wire) will receive 12V. When the set time ends, the relay is deactivated, and the output stops receiving 12V, even though power is still on. By restarting power supply - the cycle repeats.

Package contents:

  1. Time Relay

  2. Instruction for use and wiring diagram.