sensitive electronic thermostat for home incubator hatching eggs 220V 3A 500w

Electronic thermostat for incubator 500 w Heater 220V, with electronic switching element
Manufacturer: Deselectra
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This electronic thermostat is very precisely and have electronic switching element. 
1. Voltage :  220-240 v AC 
2.Temperature range + 20 0C to +80 0C
3. Control accuracy - 0.2 C4. Output (heater)- up to 500w 220V, can be increased by attaching heating sink
5. Heater voltage - 220-240V AC6.
Plate dimensions -  9 x 2.6 x 2.7 cm.7.
Length of wire on probe  - 100 cm - can be extended to 1.5M
Device have one red led diode for indicating working heater.
Need to be connected  wires for power supply, heater and fan, on  terminals on the picture
Temperature is adjusted with small insulate screwdriver.
Please note that thermostat is not galvanic insulated from the mains power. I'ts strongly recommended to not touch it with hands when it is power on. 

Wiring of the thermostat:

First need is to be connected two terminals with label – "heater” to heating system of your incubator – can be electrical bulbs for better result. 

The other terminals with label – “power supply “– to plug – for example for 240V

Please be careful, not to reverse it – then thermostat will not work.

The heater and power supply need to be at same voltage!


When you wire up the wires need to make good insulation to prevent  short - circuit  and damage to the thermostat.

Place the probe over the grill for eggs.

Connect the Fan to appropriate power supply – it need to work all the time.

With this wiring of the thermostat is done.



First you need to be sure that all is insulating good to prevent short circuit, or electric shock.  Turn the knob at extreme right position  - clockwise.  Place the thermometer inside near the probe to monitoring temperature inside. 


The first setup need to be done without eggs!!


Plug the plug  to the main and rotate the blue trimmer counterclockwise until green diode  light and heaters on. Please note that trimmer is without end and have 26 turnover. When you reach  end you will hear “clic” noise. When you reach the require temperature for the eggs turn the trimmer clockwise precisely until you cut off the green diode and heaters.  If this is first setup of the incubator – this need to be repeat until you heat the whole volume.  Now all must be tested for 1-2 days, to be sure that all is fine, before you  place the eggs for hatching.

Recommended temperatures for different types of eggs:

hen                      21 days              37.7-37.8 0C
ducks                   28 days             36.6-36.7 0C
geese                  31 days              36.6-36.7 0C
turkeys                28 days              37.7-37.8 0C
 Package contents:
1. Thermostat
2. Instruction for use and wiring diagram.