Mini car LED dimming Fade ON- 7s Fade OFF- 14s module 12V 1A 12W closed contact

Perfect for any LED light up to 12W, whether it's for your home ambiance or car illumination.
Manufacturer: Deselectra
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Introducing the Fade On/Off Module! 🌟

Illuminate your space with enchanting light effects using our innovative module. Here's why it's a must-have:

💡 Fade On/Off Effect: Experience a mesmerizing fade-on effect when you switch on your lights and a graceful fade-off effect when turning them off.

🏠 Versatile Usage: Perfect for any LED light up to 12W, whether it's for your home ambiance or car illumination.

🔌 Direct 12V Output: Delivers a powerful 1A/12V DC output, supporting up to 12W LED lights.

🔋 Built-in Protection: Safeguarded with reverse supply voltage protection, ensuring your lights stay safe and secure.

📏 Compact Design: Sleek and compact, with dimensions of 18mm length, 16mm width, and 9mm height, fitting seamlessly into any setup.

Efficient Power Consumption: Operates with minimal power consumption when in standby mode, conserving energy and reducing costs.

🔄 Smart Activation: Features a closed contact for activating signals and an open contact for deactivating signals, offering smart control options.

💫 Operation: Connect the red wire to 12V+ and the black wire to 12V- to unleash the enchantment. The white wire connects to LED positive 12V+ while the blue wire links to LED negative 12V-.

🌈 Mesmerizing Performance: Watch as your LED lights gracefully fade on for 7 seconds to full brightness upon activation and gently fade off over 14 seconds when deactivated.

Endless Enchantment: After powering off, the module enters standby mode, ready to weave its magic once again with each switch on/off cycle.

📦 Complete Package: Each kit includes the Fade On/Off Module, along with comprehensive instructions and a wiring diagram for effortless setup and installation.

Transform your lighting experience with our Fade On/Off Module and immerse yourself in a world of captivating illumination! ✨