Delay start timer switch time relay 25 sec to 31 hours kit 12V / 10A delay ON

Simplify and enhance your automation projects with our versatile Delay Timer Relay.
Manufacturer: Deselectra
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Upgrade Your Automation with Our Adjustable Delay Timer Relay! ⏰

Simplify and enhance your automation projects with our versatile Delay Timer Relay. Perfect for various applications, this relay allows you to customize delay start times with ease and precision.

🛠️ Customizable Delay Range: Set delay times from 25 seconds to 31 hours and 17 minutes using the provided range table. Adjust the time with a trimmer for precise control.

📏 Compact Dimensions:

  • Length: 50 mm
  • Width: 37 mm
  • Height: 20 mm

🔌 Versatile Terminals:

  • 12V Input (Protected against reverse supply voltage)
  • Normally Open (NO) Contact
  • Normally Closed (NC) Contact
  • Common Terminal

Robust Power Supply: Operates on 12V DC with a relay rated at:

  • 10A 250V AC
  • 15A 125V DC
  • 15A 24V DC

💡 LED Indicators:

  • Green LED: Flashes to indicate delay progress.
  • Red LED: Lights up when the relay is activated.

🔧 Easy to Adjust: The delay range can be set by making a track between terminals at the bottom of the plate, numbered 1 to 10, according to the setup table. Fine-tune the delay time using the trimmer.

📝 Example Setup: For a 9-hour delay, choose range number 9 (32,400 seconds). Divide this by 512 (approx. 63 seconds). Adjust the trimmer so the red LED lights up 63 seconds after power is applied, activating the relay after about 9 hours.

📦 Package Contents:

  1. Time Relay
  2. Instruction Manual and Wiring Diagram

Method of Operation:

  1. Power on the device to start the delay time.
  2. The green LED flashes, indicating delay progress.
  3. When the set time ends, the relay activates, the green LED lights up, and the NO contact closes while the NC contact opens.
  4. Restart the power supply to repeat the cycle.

🔒 Note: The device does not include a plastic box, as shown in the picture.

Upgrade your automation projects with precise timing and reliable performance. Order now and streamline your operations with our Adjustable Delay Timer Relay! 🕒🔧💡