delay off timer switch time relay 25 sec to 31 hours kit 12V / 10A delay stop

Delay stop time relay from 25s to 31h and 17m that can be set by using ranges at the table.
Manufacturer: Deselectra
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Choice the default range that you want from drop-down menu

You will able to change it later with soldering iron if need. 

Item Description

Delay stop time relay from 25s  to 31h and 17m that can be set by using ranges at the table. 


- length - 50 mm

- width - 37 mm

- height - 20 mm

Have terminals for:

- 12V input, there is a protection against reverse supply voltage.

- Normally open contact  

- Normally closed contact

- Common terminal

Power supply - 12V DC

Relay: 10A 250V AC

           15А/125V DC

           15A/24V DC           

Time is adjusted by a trimmer. 

There is a green diode to indicate the number of counting cycles. The red diode indicates the end of the delay time.

  - When the green diode is flashing, it indicates both the progress of the delay and that the relay is closed

  - When the red diode lights, it indicates that the relay is open. 

Principle of work:

When power is on, the delay time starts. When the green diode flashes, the relay is activated - output NO contact is closed, NC contact is open. When the set time ends, the relay is deactivated - the green diode lights and NO contact is open, NC contact is closed, even though the power supply is still applied.

With the restarting of the power supply, the cycle repeats.

The device does not come with a plastic box, as depicted in the picture.

The delay ranges are changed with make a track between terminals bottom of the plate, with numbers from 1 to 10. 

regarding setup table. The timer will come with default delay range as you can choice from drop-down menu. 

When you set delay range, the time is adjusted by a trimmer. 

Using "Trial and Error" to set a long time period would be very tedious. A better solution is to use the Setup tables provided - and calculate the time required to light the red diode.

For example, if you want a period of 9 Hours - the Range table shows that you can use range number 9. You need relay to be activate for 9 x 60 x 60 = 32 400 seconds. The Setup table tells you to divide this by 512 - giving about 63 seconds. Adjust the trimmer so that the Red LED lights 63 seconds after power is applied. This will deactivate the relay at Range 9 after about 9 Hours.

Package contents:

1. Time Relay

2. Instruction for use and wiring diagram.